Your logo provides a crucial first impression!
Whether you are a startup or a seasoned business looking to re-invent yourself...we have extensive experience in developing creative, meaningful and timeless logos. Your logo will be the first outward sign your clients see when developing the foundation for your brand.

We believe there are three styles/catagories of logos


Those that are symbolic/graphic representations that appear to be abstract. The above example used is Premier Health of Dayton Ohio. This symbol is used as a stand alone as well as accompanied with supporting text when appropriate.


Those that consist only of typography. Many choose to use primarily type but some add specific accents/elements to personalize the mark to create ownership. The Kettering Moraine Oakwood Chamber is one of the most active chambers in the Dayton Area.


There are logos that incorporate an illustration of a service, product or experience. The Dayton Dragons semi-pro baseball team logo is a perfect example. Their brand was created to entertain and engage the crowd. Go Dragons!

“Their vision and attention to detail is better than any other
I have worked with and what they deliver to his customers is truly unique.
It was the new look we were hoping for.”

Kandy Hammond RN, BSN, MBA/HCM Clinical Director – Midwest Vein & Laser


Furrey Marketing has the expertise to develop effective/professional brands for any business.
We have over 20 years of experience fulfilled in advertising agencies based in Dayton, Ohio. We now operate small which allows us to keep our overhead low and provide the best quality deliverables at respectable prices.


Over 20 years of experience working within large agencies in Dayton, Ohio. Our creative team members are ready to partner with you to conquer your marketing and advertising challenges.


At Furrey Marketing, our response time sets us apart from the crowd. Our clients know that they can depend on us when time is of the essence. We strive to build long-term relationships while creating a lasting brand for your business.


Respectable pricing with fair invoicing for services including but not limited to the creative process, consultations and production of sales/marketing materials.